A Better Community for All

est. 2008

What we do

We tailor our activities to support and help our target groups to discover their potential and needs, pursue their goals and measure their impacts. This process is achieved through the following activities:



Improving Education and Skills Training. Investing in quality education - primary, secondary and post secondary including Technical Vocational Education and Training. This will help lift people out of poverty and create new opportunities to reduce
unfair income distribution and increase choices, create awareness and help to sustain democracy, good governance and reduce human right



To improve food security, environment and entrepreneurship. Majority
of these people living in rural area depend on farming for their
livelihood. The women, girls and youths are mostly engaged in
subsistent farming to support their families, pay their school fees
and for domestic consumption. As a result, they farm every year but
remain poor, miserable and live in difficult circumstances. 


Respect for Rule of Law, Fundamental Human Rights, Gender Equality,
The disabled, Gender Based Violence and Freedom of the press and
Freedom of speech.
Get involved for Sustainable Development.



Advocacy, mediation and community engagement with key stake holders
are our major tools used to improve the human rights records of our
communities. When there is improved human rights records in a
community there will be peace and respect for the fundamental rights
of every individual. This is what ABC4All (A Better Community For All)
stands for.



Empowerment of Women and Girls remains critical especially those
living in rural communities and slums settlement. For these Groups,
access to quality education, retenstion and completion of school
remains a challenge. Factors are compounded by poverty, Sexual
violence, early marriage, gender discrimination, female genital
mutilation (FGM) and negative social norms that women should not go to



ABC4All (A Better Community For All) cares for orphans and those
without parental care. Some are less previledged and abandoned. We
have from age 1 month to 5 years. Those from 6 - 8 years are attending
our schools which was established in 2008 and another in 2016 after
the Ebola outbreak in 2014 and after the mudslides.



Reproductive health and family planning. Maternal and child health, Nutrition, Sanitation and Water for Health (WASH) and HIV-Aids, Ebola and Covid-19 Prevention and Care. These are what we are strongly doing to protect our communities.

About us

What we do & how we started

ABC4All (A Better Community For All) is a none-profit organization founded in September, 2008 and registered with the line ministries. We have a cordial working relationship with the Ministry of Social Welfare Gender and Children Affairs to advocate for the many challenges faced by our target beneficiaries which includes women and girls, gender equality, sexually abused, commercial sex workers, men
and boys, intersex people, bisexual, trans and widows, nationally,

ABC4All (A Better Community For All) would like to partner with other humanitarian organization which has the same vision in order to reduce
the many challenges faced by our women and girls especially in remote communities to help and eliminate all the human rights abuses faced by our women and girls through empowerment, capacity building, education which will also strengthen and improve the work through community participation and help to achieve our goal.

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We're Building a School

1 Ferry House, Upper Orugu Allen Town,

We are building a school at 1 Ferry House, Upper Orugu for Oprhans, your support will help contribute in the construction of the school to help empower children. 

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Phone: +232-76365972    /   +232-30432071

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1 Ferry House, Upper Orugu
Allen Town, Freetown